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  Nu Tek Instruments Pvt Ltd, India's one of the leading distributors in Scientific and Laboratory Instruments having business alliances with Custom Biogenic Systems – USA, LW Scientific Inc – USA, Amerex Instruments Inc.- USA, Steridium - Australia and other world renowned manufacturers has become the preferred vendor in serving customers for Programmable Freezers, Liquid Nitrogen Containers, CO2 Incubators, Refrigerated Incubator Shakers, Freezer Racks etc in the scientific community. Nu Tek supplies world-class reliable instruments and systems of high quality that are manufactured with innovative design and built in safety features and they meet the International standards.

Carousel LN2 Freezers

Custom Biogenic Systems "Isothermal” Liquid nitrogen vapor storage system allows frozen sample storage at liquid nitrogen temperatures without liquid nitrogen contact. This innovative design provides storage temperatures in the -190 degree Celsius range with absolutely no liquid nitrogen in the sample storage space. The PATENTED system totally eliminates the need to submerge any type of sample in liquid nitrogen. Each vapor storage system includes the advanced 2301 auto-fill / monitoring control to provide security and ease of operation. Five vapor storage systems are available, with sample storage capacities from 16,800 to 42,000 vials of 2ml or 434 to 2,400 blood bags of 25 ml.. An extensive selection of inventory racks or bag canisters and frames are available to complete the system. Custom configurations can also be designed to meet any requirements.



  1. Stores samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures with no liquid nitrogen contact 
  2. Dry storage totally eliminates the risk of cross contamination.
  3. Added user safety by eliminating liquid nitrogen contact or splashing of Liquid Nitrogen.
  4. Utilize the entire storage space; no space lost to bulky platforms.
  5. Vapor circulation provides better visibility in the storage area, Increased Interior Visibility
  6. Fallen samples can be retrieved using Cryo Tongs
  7. Minimal Interior Temperature Gradients
  8. Stainless steel, vacuum insulated vessel
  9. Higher storage capacity than other carousel-type freezers.
  10. Square lid opening allows access to square racks.
  11. Hatch-style lift off lid with built in holder
  12. Rotation of the carousel by the unique ratchet handle on top of the freezer reduces operator hazard.
  13. Easily remove one rack at a time.
  14. No need to remove one rack to get the one needed.
  15. No unnecessary exposure to room temperatures helps to maintain critical temperature stability.
  16. Square lid opening allows access to square racks and helps reduce LN2 consumption.
  17. Industry best temperature uniformity.
  18. Includes 2301 Controller to log Temperature and Alarm data
  19. Security lock to prevent unauthorized access to samples and the performance parameters
  20. Caster mounted, Round Space Saving Design
  21. An extensive selection of standard inventory racks or canister and frames are available to complete the system (to be ordered separately).








LN2 Capacity (liters)





Maximum 2ml Vial Capacity





Maximum 25ml Bag Capacity





Usable Interior Height in (mm)

27 (686)

35 (889)

29 (736)

32 (813)

Usable Interior Diameter in (mm)

29 (736)

29 (736)

38.5 (978)

38.5 (978)




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