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  Nu Tek Instruments Pvt Ltd, India's one of the leading distributors in Scientific and Laboratory Instruments with business alliances with Custom Biogenic Systems – USA, Powers Scientific – USA, LW Scientific Inc – USA, Amerex Instruments Inc. USA, Contherm Scientific New Zealand, and other world renowned manufacturers has become the preferred vendor in serving customers for Programmable Freezers, Liquid Nitrogen Containers, CO2 Incubators, Microscopes, Shakers, Refrigerated Chambers etc in the scientific community. Nu Tek supplies world-class reliable instruments and systems of high quality that are manufactured with innovative design and built in safety features and they meet the International standards.
IVF LN2 Freezers
  • Ideal for IVF and other straw storage applications
  • Isothermal dry storage with uniform temperatures throughout the freezer from -195°C to -190°C
  • 3-level rotating carousel provides convenient inventory control and maximizes storage space.
  • The middle and lower levels are ideal for medium and long term storage respectively
  • The upper level can be used for storage and as a workspace for viewing and manipulating samples at -190°C
  • Easy retrieval of samples using the patented retrieval tool
  • 3-Level rotating carousel provides convenient inventory control and maximizes storage space. The system can hold up to 24,480* straws in 68 canisters.
  • *Maximum Capacity of straws is subject to straw diameter.

Rotating carousels provide access to lower storage levels and maximizes storage space. Use the retrieval tool to place and retrieve canisters quickly and easily.
The upper level provides a convenient workspace where canisters can be parked (shown in green) and samples inspected at -190°C
360 IVF Straws in 36 Goblets are stored in each canister (10 straws per goblet). The system can hold up to 24,480 straws in 68 cans.
Use the retrieval tool by turning the retractor knob, the blade rotates and engages in to the slots of the canister for easy removal from the freezer
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