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Cryogenic VJ Piping

Cryogenic VJ Piping

Midwest Cryogenics' Cryo-Fast Vacuum Jacketed Piping Solution provides hassle-free cryogenic liquid delivery in a simple, cost-effective package. Cryo-Fast delivers cryogenic liquid, on demand, directly to your lab, minimizing the need for your lab personnel to spend valuable time handling liquid cylinders.

Cryo-Fast system includes lightweight, thermally efficient vacuum jacketed piping. Optional VJ Superflex Hose drops offer continuous vacuum insulation right to your lab equipment. The result is the most efficient, low-loss system available to transfer cryogenic liquid from your liquid cylinders to your equipment.

Product is delivered when and where you need it… FAST!!

Features and Benefits:

  • Free Up Lab Space
  • Eliminate Ice Build-Up
  • Get Liquid N2 On Demand
  • Minimize Cylinder Handling
  • Improved Safety and Reduced Liability
  • Fast Cool Down
  • Maintenance Free
  • Optional Continuous VJ Connection
  • Reliable Stainless Steel Construction